About Me

Hey guys, I’m Just Alex, and I do things online.

I worked in various SEO and content agencies to end up with my own portfolio of content sites that I run together with my team.

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I love Pulp Fiction.

Just Alex

It all started when I decided to start Twitter (where I drop some gems here and there, so go follow if you aren’t already). This job can be lonely at times, so I wanted to meet new people in the business.

Which worked. I met a lot of great, inspiring people

But over time, many more people started following me than I thought was even possible.

One of my websites also played a role in this, as it broke the $10k monthly revenue mark and 290k sessions in 12 months. (Which is crazy, btw.)

twitter case study

So since I have so many people following me who are interested in what I do and somehow it motivates them, I decided to start this website where I will share my knowledge, especially case studies.

To be completely honest, case studies are a bit selfish as they at least force me to be accountable.

But yeah, that’s about it!

Also, check my contact page if you want to contact me about anything (advice, cooperation, consultation…).

Thanks for your support, guys!

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